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 The African Penguins at the Maryland Zoo are moving to a new home, from their old exhibit at Rock Island to the Zoo’s new Penguin Coast Exhibit. This brand new, state-of-the art $11 million facility was designed to house, and equally importantly, to give visitors access to, the African Penguins which Zoo personnel have cared for and bred for over 50 years. “One of the most important things this exhibit is going to do is to showcase the penguins to the public,” says Karl Kranz, Executive VP for Animal Programs and COO.

 In line with the Zoo’s intent to get the penguins front and center, Varia crafted a custom Audio/Visual solution, which will grant visitors access to the penguins in unprecedented new ways. Even remote users will be able to watch live-streaming video of the penguins direct from the Zoo’s website, via integrated AXIS IP cameras, while a public address solution built around Community-brand speakers will give the handlers increased ability to offer live demonstrations and presentations about the penguins, and the Zoo’s world-renowned breeding efforts of these endangered, aquatic birds.

  In addition, behind-the-scenes cameras in the penguins’ indoor living spaces will give the Zoo additional capabilities for internal monitoring of the birds. A conference room system and speakers in the under-water viewing area round out the custom solution designed and integrated by Varia. Varia is proud to have been a part of this exciting community project.

The Penguin Coast exhibit at the Maryland Zoo will be open to the public on September 27th. For more information about the exhibit, visit the Maryland Zoo online at http://www.marylandzoo.org/animals-conservation/new-african-penguin-exhibit/


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