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Sound Masking

Sound Masking systems, otherwise known as speech privacy systems, serve a variety of functions throughout a number of vertical markets. From secure government facilities (SCIFF), to hospitals and pharmacies, to the standard open office space, speech privacy systems help organizations achieve a range of goals. Sound masking systems use the addition of artificial sound (white or pink noise) to drown out sounds, both to reduce distractions and protect confidential verbal communications.

In the medical space, practitioners are compelled by HIPAA to protect patient confidentiality. Speech privacy systems can give you the confidence to discuss treatment with patients without compromising their privacy or infringing their HIPAA rights.

The same principle applies in secure SCIFF facilities and any other vertical market where speech privacy is key to operational success. By drowning secure communications in ambient noise, sound masking systems ensure that sensitive discussions cannot be overheard or compromised.

Varia Systems installs sound masking technologies in open office spaces to enhance productivity by drowning out chatter, thus reducing distraction and enhancing worker concentration.

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