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Green A/V

Looking to make your organization greener? Custom Audio/Visual solutions from Varia can make your organization more sustainable, and cut costs as well.

The SBA reports that 40% of electricity used in commercial buildings is used by heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation systems. Another 21% of the total electricity consumed by American businesses is used to power lighting systems. Combined, over 60% of all electricity consumed by commercial spaces goes towards those two functions. Building automation systems, a signature element of Varia's custom Audio/Visual Design department, can help reduce costs and electrical usage by custom designing an HVAC/Environment Control solution that manages your lighting and HVAC systems with an eye towards efficiency, usage-determined power settings, which can bring considerable cost savings and leave a much lighter footprint. Control systems that regulate lighting usage can also qualify for LEED credits.

Another way Varia can help you go green and reduce costs come from our Video Teleconferencing solutions. For the organization with multiple campuses and locations, staff travel time between sites can cost time and money. That is even more true if air travel is involved. Video Teleconferencing systems add that personal touch to communications that would be less effective if handled via telephone or email. Because of the reduced travel times, employees can instead dedicate their time to more productive tasks. VTC systems are yet another great way Varia Systems can help you go green, save money and enhance productivity.

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