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FireTide Wireless Mesh

Wireless Mesh networks are made up of radio nodes which transmit wireless signal between remote locations. Because of the near universal deployment of IP camera systems, streaming video can now be transmitted wirelessly across large scale locations, from a single campus to entire municipalities. Varia Systems utilizes FireTide Wireless Mesh solutions across a wide range of security needs.

The wireless technology behind the FireTide system makes it possible to place cameras and other monitoring technologies in places which before were impractical due to the difficulty of wiring the locations. Additionally, the cost and ease of camera deployment reduces costs and intrusive wiring procedures in those hard to reach places which are still essential to complete coverage.

Here at Varia we are so excited about the FireTide Wireless Mesh that we will come out and survey your location today, totally free, and show you how you can adopt a FireTide solution in your own facilities. Contact us now for your free consultation.

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